It would have been virtually impossible to do most of this site without the help of various members of the group.

I would like to use this page to express my gratitude for their continued help & support in so many different ways to the following:

Major Joy Webb O.F.
Lt-Colonels Peter & Sylvia Dalziel
Bill Davidson
Wycliffe & Liz Noble

Myself, with Sylvia on the left & Joy on the right

Myself in the middle with Peter behind & Bill on the right

Myself with Wycliffe & Sylvia

I would also like to thank:

Comissioner Pauline Banks


Brenda Alexander


Gordon Taylor & the staff at The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre in London for access to their Joystring files

Also, thanks to Major Peter Hawkins for scanning in photos & very kindly loaning me copies

I would also like to thank Ian Turner for very kindly e-mailing copies of Starry Night & The Only One & You're Welcome

Thanks also to Lionel Fivaz for various news clippings and photos etc.

Also thanks to Cor Quint for their help & contributions to this site.

My thanks to all the above. If any other Joystring members are out there, I would love to hear from you, please e-mail me at: