The Joystrings ceased as a group towards the end of the 1960's, I have no precise date. But what happened to the various members after that.

This page will attempt to carry (where known) details of what happened.


Sylvia Gair entered the William Booth Theological Training College, London, England in 1963, where she met her husband-to-be, Peter Dalziel, a student of the same year. Prior to this Sylvia had spent two years studying early child development and care while Peter had been a bank clerk in Melbourne, Australia.

After their commissioning as Salvation Army officers they were appointed to musical evangelism, notably as founder members of the Joystrings. For five years, they travelled throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Western Europe involving them in work with all expressions of the media. They were married in July 1967.

Between 1968 and 1973 they pastored three corps (churches) in the UK before being transferred to the staff of the William Booth College.In 1975 they were appointed to youth work in the Southampton and Channel Isles Division. During this time, while her husband was travelling, Sylvia concentrated on raising their two young sons, Emil and Marcel, while at the same time encompassing university studies in theology and church history.

In 1978 The Dalziels were transferred to South Africa with Peter's appointment as Territorial Youth Secretary. During this period they were involved in the development of media work, writing for and appearing in many religious and current affairs programmes on television. Then followed a natural transition into public relations work with Peter as the Public Relations Secretary for The Salvation Army in Southern Africa and Sylvia working for the Public Relations Office in Johannesburg.

In 1982 they returned to the UK and were appointed as Commanding Officers to Croydon Citadel, one of the UK's largest corps/community centres. 1984 saw them return to International Headquarters to oversight a special Training College development programme.

In 1986 came their appointment to the Australia Eastern Territory Public Relations Department of The Salvation Army, based in Sydney. This was followed one year later with Peter's responsibility for directing and co-ordinating the National Bi-centenary Congress. Leadership of the Territorial Music Department completed their term of appointment in Australia.

In January 1991 they returned to the U K where Peter was appointed as Secretary for Communications Resource whilst Sylvia was made Director for Schools and Colleges Information Service, a service which provides resources for school project work in the areas of humanitarian need, ethics, Victorian history and religious studies. In February 1995 Peter became International Communications Secretary and they were both promoted to the rank of Lieut-Colonel. In 2000 Peter became as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Managers (UK), following his qualifications in the field of operational management.

In June 1998 Sylvia took on the dual role as editor of Global Exchange, a resource magazine for women leaders of The Salvation Army, around the world, and Associate Resources Training Officer with particular responsibility for the training and development of all International Headquarters personnel.

For the past 13 years the Dalziels, in addition to their headquarters responsibilities, have travelled globally, conducting meetings, concerts and seminars in the UK, Germany, Canada, USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

In October 2002, Lieut-Colonel Peter Dalziel was appointed Chief Secretary, and Sylvia as Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries to the Netherlands and Czech Republic Territory of The Salvation Army. They are currently based in Almere, a new city, close by Amsterdam.

Although Peter & Sylvia have now retired, they keep busy specialling all over the world and continue to make new recordings, to find out more, please e-mail them at: dalzielps@googlemail.com


Wycliffe Noble OBE FRIBA FRSA ,(Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts) as the only non-officer member, continues in his professional capacity as an Architect where he has been involved with many buildings, such as: The Royal Albert Hall, Shaftsbury Theatre in London, Fairfield Halls, Croydon and Gatwick Airport UK to name but a few.

(With thanks to W Noble for suppling details for the above notes)


Brenda left the group upon completion of her training but later left the Salvation Army, where she went onto become a legal secretary, Magistrate in Brighton, obtained a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, moved to Wales in 1999 and in 2000 went for 3 months to a remote part of South West Ethiopia with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) as a management consultant. She is now working as the Co-ordinator of a free Youth Information and Counselling Service for 14-19 year olds in Powys.

(above info kindly provided by Brenda Alexander)


Keith and Pauline Banks were commissioned as Salvation Army officers in London [UK] in 1964 and 1965 respectively, Pauline was a member of the internationally famous Joystrings.

Their appointments have included corps officers (10 years); divisional youth secretary and divisional director for guides & brownies (seven years); territorial youth secretary and territorial guide organiser (four years) in Scotland; senior training officer and assistant senior training officer at the then International Training College in London (three years).

Keith was a divisional commander for six years in the North London Division and Pauline was the divisional director for women's organisations. For a nine month period she was also the acting divisional commander [a 'first' for the UK territory!] when Keith had major spinal surgery.

In 1994 they went to Papua New Guinea to be the first Officer Commanding and Command President for Women's Organisations. In 1998 they were appointed to Japan where Keith was the Chief Secretary and Pauline the Territorial Secretary for Women's Organisations.

A serious health situation for Pauline necessitated a return to the United Kingdom on the eve of the millennium.

Keith served as the International Secretary for Personnel at IHQ and Pauline as the IHQ statistician and assistant secretary to the General's Consultative Council and the International Management Council.

They are now serving in the United Kingdom Territory. Keith as the Territorial Commander's Representative in Scotland, and, Pauline as the Territorial Commander's Associate Representative in Scotland.

Keith is a composer and lyricist and a scriptwriter, and has also been involved at various times in broadcasting in the UK as well as in Papua New Guinea and Japan. Pauline is a vocalist. She enjoys DIY and flower arranging! For some years she was also involved in preparing Sunday School activity books for children under 8 years of age. Together they have been involved in creative ministry throughout their officership.

Parents of a daughter Alison, who is married to George, and a son Craig, they are also proud grandparents of Dean [10] and Jack [5].

Commisoner Pauline Banks was Promoted to Glory in September 2008


After their years of service in the Salvation Army the 1970s saw Bill Davidson and his wife Jean working in Youth With A Mission directing Discipleship Training Schools and Media Ministries in the US, Canada, The Middle East, South America and Communist Eastern Europe. During this period he made several solo albums in the UK and Canada. Bill's heart for the local church was expressed in the early 1980s with the founding of Church of The Nations in Upstate New York. Several churches have been planted in the US and South America out of that original seed, as well as The King's School, 'La Esperanza' children's ministries in Bogotá, Colombia and Service International. Bill now pastors Church of The King in Queensbury, NY and works alongside his colleagues in the Coordinating Teams of Alliance International Ministries in the Americas, Liberia and Australasia. Bill holds a Masters degree in Divinity and a Doctorate of Theology. (See: "www.cotk.net" - "aimteam.org")